Champions For Jimmy

Jake Strickland

Jake Strickland

“As a result of my son’s participation, he has a greater sense of himself within the wider community and a sense that the community is there to support him.”

Jake Strickland’s son took part in creating Safe Havens and building stronger relationships between young people and the local community of Deptford.


Ron Stoddart

“You don’t just learn from school, you are moulded into becoming good citizens based on the community that you’re in and the atmosphere in that community.”

Ron Stoddart’s restaurant was the first of 16 Safe Havens signed up in Deptford by local primary and secondary schools.

Steve Bullock

Sir Steve Bullock, Mayor of Lewisham

“Seeing a young person who has been struggling, now working in a supportive environment and growing in confidence for the future is inspiring.”

Sir Steve Bullock has been a dedicated advocate of For Jimmy’s work in Lewisham and supported the launch of Safe Havens across the borough.

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